Coyle Contract

Revolutionary, glue-free adhesive.


With virtually zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) your modular flooring can be installed any time, even when associates are in the building.


Our modular flooring system easily creates a durable installation over your existing floor without permanent adhesion, making it easy to remove, replace and recycle.


Dimensionally stable backing provides the groundwork for your newfound freedom. Designed to 'grab' the floor, the mold and mildew-resistant backing combined with the strength of the TacTiles ensures tiles can even withstand heavy equipment like forklifts.


TacTiles have an environmental footprint that is more than 90% lower than traditional glue. Plus all vinyl-backed carpet tile can be reclaimed, repurposed or recycled through our carpet recycling program. TacTiles can also be recycled along with the carpet.


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